Operating through its head office in the beautiful city of Paris, the brand introduced its first line of products in Germany. Wide variety of make up products were developed by the painstaking efforts of chemists, make up artists and a team of sales and marketing representatives who shaped the identity of Dailylife Forever52 and brought them to the people.

Dailylife Forever52 is a fast selling brand in Europe with its professional make up range most preferred by make up artists and professionals. These products are used and purchased extensively for photo shoots, in salons, fashion shows and other events. Introduced in the Gulf in 2007, today the brand is popular amongst women as the first choice of make up for everyday use. A number 1 brand for professionals the growth we have seen since 1996 is nothing short of astronomical.


Our vision is to constantly formulate ideas that blur possibilities in makeup revolution. Forever52 dedicates the skills of its best makeup artists to produce an entire range of color cosmetics that fall in step with latest trends to give you a chance to be everything you want to be and look the way you have always imagined.



To excel in the manufacturing and development of color cosmetics and make advances by leaps in color cosmetics technology

To always innovate and bring out range of cosmetics for all needs and purposes.

To constantly evolve with fashion cycles and trends and give our customers the best in daily use and professional makeup choices.

Managing a thriving distribution network that is a foolproof system of investment and returns.

Developing rewarding customer relationships and synergizing with industry players for increased business..



A young chemist in Paris toiling in the research and development department of a pharmaceutical company unassumingly conceived the idea of a cosmetic brand that could work wonders for faces of all types and offer standardized beauty products at affordable prices at the same time remaining uncompromising on the use of ingredients and other raw materials that were of a esteemed quality.

Today our scientists expertly experiment with an infinite palette of tones, tinges, colours and hues to create outstanding combinations of makeup options. Our makeup products are produced after painstaking efforts of makeup artists and consultants who pore over every possibility and combine their skillful resources and expertise to bring out makeup that helps you stay abreast of trends. Our products range has made advances in availability and also ensured that our manufacturers since 1800’s from Germany will produce eye makeup with no heavy metals or chemicals.

We believe in producing the best makeup range hand in hand with rapidly advancing technology and meanwhile ensuring that were preserve our traditional roots and remain environmentally conscious as well conscious of the needs of our customers in a healthy way.

Dailylife Forever52 is sold in 1200 stores across the globe, with 200 training institutes and through 350 exclusive department stores.

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